Eldah Ndungu Age 21


Your sponsorship of $125 per month will give this precious child the necessities to survive and the tools to thrive. Your monthly pledge will help pay for food, clothing, schooling, living expenses, and medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to live a life they only dared to dream.

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UPDATE: Eldah is now 19 and is attending her second year of college! She has done well in school and wants to make something of herself. She's the oldest of her family and she will be the one to break that spirit of generational poverty off her family. Her younger siblings are watching and loving that she is doing well. We're currently looking for a new sponsor to help Eldah finish her time at Seed's and in our MAF program. A sponsor to help her take that next and final step into successfully living in the community and not in the slum. Are you that one that will help her make that leap? We all want her to be the one to break away from poverty. Help us, help her. Click on the sponsor button and follow the prompts. Thank you!

UPDATE: Eldah is now 16 and doing amazing! She and her sisters are so happy to be together - you can see them often spending time together. Eldah is doing much better in school now as well. She is kind, gentle and has quick shy smile - we love spending time with her when we are in Kitale. It does our hearts good to see her here and happy. We are now in need of a new sponsor for Eldah. It would be wonderful to find someone that will write letters a couple times a year and let her know she is loved. Are you that someone?

ORIGINAL STORY: Dear Eldah, she is almost 13 years old and in the 8th grade. Over the last year she has struggled in school having lost both her parents within months of each other. Eldah and her two younger sisters moved in with their grandparents much to her grandfather's dismay, he didn't want the responsibility of the children. Back in September of 2013 Eldah's sisters were sponsored and moved into the Seed's Children's home she was so happy for them to be in a safe place and away from the slum yet she has felt bad inside being the only one left behind.

During the interview word got to Michelle and Whitney that Eldah was at the school with us and they came peeking in the doorway. Eldah's face instantly brightened as she saw her sisters we took a quick break for them to greet and hug each other. As the little ones left and we continued talking Eldah's smile once again disappeared she tells of the struggles for food and school fees making it hard for her to attend school. She has prayed that one day she will be able to join her sisters at the children's home and be able to feel safe and have that "humble" time she needs to study. One day she would like to be a doctor.

This sweet girl needs a sponsor that will be a great encouragement to her letting her know that even though things have been hard she can do anything she can even become a doctor if she wants.

Whitney Ngaira
Michelle Munala
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