Selvine Mutoka Age 18


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Selvine Mutoka is currently sponsored by Geiger Family from Independence, KY. Thank you Geiger Family .

Selvine is eight years old and is a top student in the third grade. She recently scored a 650 out of 700 on an entrance exam at her current school. Both of her parents died within the last year so her and her five siblings take care of one another. She lives outside of Kitale but dreams of being able to attend school at Seeds Academy and live in the new orphanage. When asked about her greatest struggle, she tells us that other kids, especially those at her school, do not like her and say she is "cursed." She has no friends because the other children fear that their own parents will die just as Selvine's did. It makes Selvine bitter inside. Selvine appears very stoic, yet quiet. As she left the interview, we all prayed for her. It was a powerful moment felt by everyone in the room.

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