Maureen Awati Age 18


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Maureen is eight years old and in the third grade. The teachers at Seeds consider Maureen to be in the top five in her class in terms of academics. She wants to be doctor when she grows up. She loves school, especially English class. When asked what her favorite song is, she smiles and begins singing it to us. Despite her upbeat attitude and stellar performance in school, she lives without either parent as they both passed away due to HIV.  Little Maureen has absolutely nothing. She entered the interview in bare feet and tattered clothing that smelled as if they had never been washed. Maureen asked if we would pray for her step-mom. Her step-mom is trying to make a living selling the "local brew" but is beat up by other women quite often. Maureen is hoping that she and her sister Sofi can both come to live in the orphanage and have a better, safer life.

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