Selvine Akeyo Age 19


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Selvine Akeyo is currently sponsored by Sarah, B. from Dothan, AL. Thank you Sarah.

Selvine is a sweet nine year old in the fifth grade with an infectious smile. She is currently attending a different school but would like to come to Seeds Academy and orphanage. She comes from a large family of ten children. Both of her parents are living but do very little to provide for her and her siblings. For the most part, she is only fed while she is at school. Her mother goes to the forest each day to get fire wood to sell but can carry only a small load and thus makes very little money. Her father ran away earlier this year because of the stress he was facing. In addition to a lack of food, there is little to no clothing that Selvine and her siblings have access to. When asked her favorite color, she smiles slightly and says "red," and gives a similar smile when she states how she dreams of becoming a doctor. When she talks about the struggles she faces, her face becomes much more serious. She tells how she has never had a father's love. She feels that the number of children in her family is making it difficult to survive, and while she loves her brothers and sisters, she hopes that she can one day move into the orphanage. As the interview ended, she came over to me for a hug and threw herself at me, squeezing tight and not wanting to let go.

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