Alfred Masaai Age 21


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Alfred's incredible heart shines through in everything that he does. He has always had hope for a bright future for him and his twin sister, Valerie, but it hasn’t always been clear to him how he would attain it. His father died when he was only five years old, leaving him, his mom, and Valerie desperate. They cried for help, but were ignored and neglected by both their family and their community. Their mom worked long, tiresome, days but couldn't make enough money to support them. Without food, water, a good shelter, and other basic necessities, Alfred turned to stealing so that he and Valerie could eat. Life as a street boy was tough, and Alfred was disappointed in himself for having to resort to that, but he saw no other way. He prayed hard and often for some relief from the despair they were in. In 2012, part of his prayers were answered. Valerie was among the first group of girls that got rescued by Mighty Acorns and taken to the orphanage. It was hard for Alfred to be without his twin sister, and despite being excited for her, part of him was hurt he had to remain behind. But he kept praying. A year later, he found out he was being taken to the same orphanage. His life on the street was behind him and he was reunited with Valerie. He resolved to always work his hardest so that their lives would never go back to the way they were. He now is confident that their futures are bright and so are we.

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