Linda Barbara Obai Age 21


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UPDATE:  LINDA -  who came to us as Barbra all those years ago - needed to change her name when she entered college to match her birth certificate. And - Yes - she's now in college to be a social worker and loving it. We caught up with her recently when we were in Kitale and she was doing an internship at Seed's Children's Home. It was awesome to talk with her about why she chose this course of study and that she requested her internship be at the place she grew up. She's loving and caring - her "siblings" that she is now working with love that she is among them in this new capacity. Linda's heart is to give back because she was rescued and given a new chance to live a fulfilling life. Since she's still in college Mighty Acorn has committed to keeping her in our sponsorship program to help with her expenses. Your sponsorship doesn't cover her tuition, but it does cover most of her living expenses. We would love to find her a new sponsor to help her finish college. She loves receiving letters and would be great to connect with you as a sponsor.Are you the right person to come along side Linda? You'll enjoy getting to know her.

She is 11 years old and is the older sister of Belinda. Barbara wants to become a teacher. She has difficulty telling us about her life. Both parents are no longer living. Her father was murdered and her mother so traumatized that she could not go on. Both Barbara and Belinda live with their grandmother, but it is not a good situation at all. When asked what she prays for, Barbara tells us that she prays for a place that she can pursue her education. It is clear that Barbara and Belinda rely heavily on each other's love. They resemble one another quite a bit and both have happy spirits despite their horrible struggles.

Belinda Obai
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