Mighty Acorn Foundation

The Mighty Acorn Foundation was created in 2013 by David and Denise DeMarchis. Their mission; to help rescue children living in unimaginable conditions. While there is not one specific geographical focus of the foundation, the first major project will be centered on the Kipsongo Slums of Kitale, Kenya. The Kipsongo Slums are home to several thousand children who live hopelessly day after day, searching for food, searching for love.  The Kitale project was sparked by visits that Denise, David, and a team of friends and family made during November 2012 and February 2013. 

After witnessing firsthand the dismal conditions of the slums and the thousands of children who, by no choice of their own, are forced to live in houses made of mud, plastic, and cardboard, Denise and David decided to step in and help. They believe that while everyone desires to help make a difference in the world, figuring out how to do so is not that easy. The Mighty Acorn Foundation will make it easy for people to help. Through this foundation, the hope is to save children, one at a time, from the dead-end life that they are forced to live in the slums. While general monetary donations are always accepted, the Mighty Acorn Foundation's ultimate goal is to connect one child in the slum to one open-hearted family here in the USA. 

This connection will take the form of a sponsorship, where the donated funds will go to serve that specific child, and only that child. The sponsored child will be able to attend school, live in a newly constructed orphanage, enjoy three meals per day, water, medical treatment, and hope. Sponsor and child will be able to connect through letter writing, facebook, and even Skype thanks to our Mighty Acorn representative who will be living in the orphanage with the children. It's a wonderful thing!

Built on love and hope.
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