Vaizil Kiprugut Tarusi Age 19


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Vaizil Kiprugut Tarusi is currently sponsored by Betsy, S. from Demopolis, AL. Thank you Betsy.

Vaizil, the older brother to Lizz (9) is 11 years old. His family are a part the Kipomzet tribe which lives in northern Kenya. During a time of unrest and rioting between the three main tribes in the area, their family lost all their cattle, and land.  and were forced to move to small town outside of Kitale.  Now they barley have land and their house isn't big enough for all of them to sleep comfortably. He lives with his grandmother, Lizz and his younger brother Brain, who at 8 years old is HIV positive. When Vaizil was a baby his father abandoned him leaving just his mother and his grandmother to take care of him. The mother later gave birth to Lizz and Brian,  both of their fathers left as well. Their mother developed AIDS  and in 2012 passed away leaving the grandmother to take care of three children. With only her working she can not afford for Vaizil and Lizz to go to school anymore due to Brian's medical needs. Vaizil has a strong desire to learn and all he want is to be in class so he can live his dream one day of being a doctor. With your help You can make that dream a reality for Vaizil, giving him hope for a much better future. Thank you for coming along side him with love and encouragement. 

Lizz Chelimo Tarusi
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