Jacidah Mwikali Mwalili Age 18


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Jacidah Mwikali Mwalili is currently sponsored by Nicolas, P. from houston, tx. Thank you Nicolas.

She is eight years old and in the second grade. She wants to be a teacher someday. Jacidah's favorite subjects are math and religion. As she entered the interview wearing an oversized green sweater over a ripped brown dress and no shoes, we learned that her father has passed away recently. The only time she sees family members from her father's side is when they come to take the possessions that belong to her, her mom, and her siblings. Jacidah lives with her mom who has no job and simply cannot take care of her children. In their small hut, her mom cooks tea and sells it in order to make a little bit of money. Her mom recently moved them to a new place to live so Jacidah had to leave Seeds Academy. Her new school often does not provide food to the students. Because Jacidah lacks money, she often does not have the proper school books and uniforms. Her mother cannot afford to pay the fees for school, which means Jacida often is "chased out" of the school. Basic needs are a real struggle for Jacidah. At the end of the interview, we gave Jacidah a handful of trail mix and she brightened up with the biggest smile.

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