Valaryle Apicli Age 21


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Valaryle is 12 years old and in the fifth grade. She wants to become a doctor. Valaryle has no living parents but cannot remember when they passed away. She shakes when we ask her questions and nervously rolls her handkerchief in her hands. We imagine that she is wearing her best outfit today for the interview. Valaryle tells us that she is living with her oldest brother, who is married with children of his own. Things are very tough at her brother's place. Her brother's wife speaks very harshly to Valaryle and complains of the burden that Valaryle places on her family. Valaryle is forced to work at home. She is only fed at home if there is food left over after her brother's children are fed. Valaryle prays that she will be able to move away from her brother's home and be able to live safely and happily in the new orphanage. Valaryle has bright and beautiful eyes with big dreams of a better life.

Alfred Masaai
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