Sharleen Ayieta Age 17


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UPDATED STORY: In January of 2017,  Sharleen's uncle came to Seed's asking for custody. Our partners required that he seek custody through legal channels with the local Children's Office. After several months and much vetting, custody of Sharleen was given to her uncle and Sharleen left the Seed's Children's home. Our partners at Seed's as well as the staff here at Mighty Acorn were very skeptical of this situation and determined it would be something we would want to keep an eye on. Why did Sharleen's uncle want custody of her and not her brother Allan? We were not comfortable with the situation but had no legal ground to change anything.  Then in June of 2017, about 5 months after Sharleen left Seed's, Hellen and Richard paid an unannounced visit to the uncle, Sharleen was not there - she had been given to her father. We had been told her father was diseased - he actually had been missing for several years. The situation Sharleen was found in was horrible - and with her were her two younger sister and a little cousin. 

When Sharleen saw Hellen and Richard she ran to them - big hugs - then she ran to their car and jumped in - she was determined to go back to Seed's with them. Hellen very wisely talked with the grandmother - took her and the four girls to town and bought them all new dresses. Took a couple of photos and grandma agreed it was in the best interest of the girls to go to live at Seed's Children's Home. Since her return Sharleen has been so happy. She seems more outgoing and laughs much easier than before. She truly values the life she has at Seed's. We are currently looking for a new sponsor for Sharleen. Her current sponsor has been with her since the very beginning - even picking back up her sponsorship when she came back to Seed's. Recently they have had some family changes and need to discontinue their sponsorship. We are grateful for all they did for Sharleen. Now we need a new family to come along side this amazing, determined young lady - who is now 12 years old and loves school and life at Seed's. Would you be willing to sponsor her - sending her notes of encouragement and love? 

ORIGINAL STORY: Sharlean is seven seven years old and will be in first grade at Seeds Academy next year. She lives in the slums with her
grandmother after having lost both parents. She has an older brother named Caleb who she doesn't want to leave. She is given gum during the interview and begins chewing it with some very serious intensity! She is a quiet little girl who hopes that she, along with her brother, can live in the orphanage.

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