Deborah Nanok Age 18


Your sponsorship of $125 per month will give this precious child the necessities to survive and the tools to thrive. Your monthly pledge will help pay for food, clothing, schooling, living expenses, and medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to live a life they only dared to dream.

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Deborah Nanok is currently sponsored by Joanna, S. from Canton, MS. Thank you Joanna.

UPDATE: Debra is now 12 years old and continues to do great in school. She's always close by when our teams are at Seed's. If you ask her she'll tell you she still wants to be the president of Kenya so she can help change things for her people. Debra loves her life at Seed's and wouldn't want to be any place else. We need a new sponsor to come alongside Debra. She loves to get letters and write back. Would you consider sponsoring Debra - to continue the support she needs to stay at the children's home. Thank you.

ORIGINAL STORY: Sweet little Debra is eight years old and is the top student in her Kindergarten class and is very fluent in Swahili. She entered the interview smiling and looking relaxed, wearing a ripped, orange skirt and purple top. She comments that she wants to work hard in school so that she can become the President of Kenya. She lives in the slums with her dad and two brothers. She's a fidgety little thing always squirming around in her seat during the interview. Her dad has a job of pushing a cart in town. When asked about this, she explains that if someone has luggage or something heavy, he pushes a wooden cart/wheel barrow to assist them. She has amazingly large, bright eyes that sparkle when she smiles, which she does a lot. She does not like living in the slums because there is constant fighting around her. Her mom walked away from the family and she is not sure if her mother is still alive. She is friends with Hilda and Silvia who currently live at the orphanage. When asked about her biggest challenge, she responds "food," and explains that her dad often goes to work but may not get any jobs that day. When that happens, they get no food, other than what they get at Seeds.

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