David Sunde Age 17


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David is 8 years old and a very sharp little guy. He loves school and math is his favorite subject. He has had to fight to stay in school. Life at home in the slum has been very difficult, his mom is not doing well she is a drunkard and is mentally unstable. His older brother had joined a gang of street boys and has tried to get David to drop out of school to join them as well lots of peer pressure. And David's father is only able to find day jobs to help provide for the family every day is a struggle.

David has stood his ground against his brother's influence and stayed in school preforming very well. Recently his brother has taken a turn onto a better path we can't help but think David's strength influenced his older brother start to make better choices.

His brother Samuel has just recently been sponsored and is now in the children's home we need to find David a sponsor as well. He needs every opportunity to become all that he can be to get the best education possible and become that doctor he so dreams of being one day.

David we believe in you you have so much promise!

Samuel Esto
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