Loice Nasimitu Age 23


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Loice Nasimitu is currently sponsored by Kim, C. from Brookland, AR. Thank you Kim.

She is a 13 year old darling who attends a school near the Seeds Academy. She would one day like to become a doctor. Her mother passed away many years ago and her father is now remarried to a step-mom who forces Loice and her siblings to do all of the washing and cooking. If she's still living at home much longer, she will be forced to quit school and get married. Her father tells her that she is a burden on him and wouldn't care if she just ran away from their home in the slums. She lets one tear fall but instantly leans to her knees to wipe it off with her skirt. She hopes to be able to live in the orphanage and continue her schooling beyond fourth grade.

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