Gladys Nasambu Age 20


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Gladys Nasambu is currently sponsored by Jim n Gail, G. from Bristol, IN. Thank you Jim n Gail.

Gladys is only 14 years old and  the younger half-sister to Loice, who has been living in the orphanage for about five years. Loice's mother passed away when Loice was very young and her father remarried. Her father and his new wife had six more kids, including Gladys, before Gladys' mom also passed away. Their father has been selling fruit to try and provide for his children, but the burden of feeding and caring for all of them on his own had led him to a point of despair. One night, he spiraled into such a dark place, he tried to poison himself along with the six kids. Gladys had to hide her siblings from their father in the streets of the slum for the night. The next morning she went and found Loice in the church and told her about the dangers they had faced. Loice was incredibly worried about her younger siblings and alerted Mama Hellen and Pastor Richard immediately. In attempts to alleviate the father's burdens, Mama Hellen and Pastor Richard let all of the six children come to Seeds Primary School for free. For a little while that seemed to help and their father had gotten to a better place, but things have started to spiral downwards again. Gladys'  short life has been filled with so much hardship and responsibility. It is hard for her to imagine a future in which she can be successful, let alone an immediate future without the threat of danger. It is imperative that she and her siblings are rescued and are brought to a new, safe environment. Are you able to walk alongside Gladys and give her the chance to dream? 

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