Celestine Nambwere Age 25


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Celestine Nambwere is currently sponsored by Team Paperdolls from Russell Springs, KY. Thank you Team Paperdolls.

She is 15 years old and is the older sister of Bendetta. Celestine wants to be a teacher some day. As she sat in the interview chair, it was clear she was having a hard time getting comfortable. She held her face and body very tight . She admits to us that she has had trouble with school in the past, mainly due to the daily life struggles she faces. Both of her parents have passed away and as a result, Celestine stays with her grandmother. There are days when Celestine skips school in order to find work and earn money to help feed her brothers and sisters. Celestine tells us that she feels like their mother, yet she is a child herself.  She also shares with us that her uncle has been trying to abuse her, yet she is afraid to tell anyone. She prays for a safe place that she can stay and focus on her studies.  It's hard to imagine the struggles she has faced in her short life.

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