Mike Wekesa Age 12


Your sponsorship of $125 per month will give this precious child the necessities to survive and the tools to thrive. Your monthly pledge will help pay for food, clothing, schooling, living expenses, and medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to live a life they only dared to dream.

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Mike Wekesa is currently sponsored by Maggi, C. from Brandon, MS. Thank you Maggi.

Little Mike, we're not quite sure how old he is yet, we think 3 or 4.  He is a younger brother to five of our other children that have already been in the children's home since September of 2013. We didn't know about Mike until March of '14 when a letter was received by one of our sponsors from his older sister, Susan. This sponsor sent us a copy of the letter wondering if we should follow up on the two little brothers Susan was concerned about. She had not seen Mike since that horrible night in the slum when her father came home drunk and threatened to kill the whole family with a machete. Mike's mother ran off that night, we thought with only their youngest sibling, a baby. Through this letter we found out she had actually taken the three youngest children with her, including Mike and his brother Willy.

Our partners did some inquiring with their contacts in the slum and found that Susan's mom had come back to the slum with the three youngest children. After spending some time with her it was determined that Mike and his brother would be in a much better situation if they could come to Seed's Children's Home where they could receive their basic needs, food, clothes, medical care, a bed to sleep in and they could start school.

Mike is now in the safe care of our friends at Seed's Children's Home and we need to find him a sponsor that will help him stay in this great place with his siblings. Someone that will send him notes and let him know he's a special little guy - he's been through so much for being so young. Would you help him through sponsorship? His life will forever be changed.

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