Gloria Atieno Age 17


Your sponsorship of $125 per month will give this precious child the necessities to survive and the tools to thrive. Your monthly pledge will help pay for food, clothing, schooling, living expenses, and medical treatment, giving them the opportunity to live a life they only dared to dream.

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UPDATE: Gloria is now 16 and has just started Form 3 - or as we say, she's a Junior in High School. She loves life at Seed's and is taking advantage of the opportunity to go to school, daring to dream and reach for a better life. She has thrived living with so many sisters and brothers, building friendships and learning life skills together. We are looking for a new sponsor for Gloria. Someone that will send her letters with encouraging words, letting her know she's valued and can overcome life's challenges. Are you that person? You'll have greater impact on her life than you can imagine... it will be powerful.

ORIGINAL STORY: Gloria is a sweet little seven year old who wants to be a pilot (and also states that she'd like to buy a car so it would be easy to get to the airport for her job!). Her favorite color is white. She has one brother and one sister and is the youngest in her family. Both of her parents have died so she is staying with her aunt. Her day to day struggles include lack of food and clothing. At their home in the slums, there are no chairs or benches, so she must always sit on the ground. The children at her current school humiliate her because she has nothing. She just bundles all of her sadness inside and walks away from the hurt. She appears to have cigarette burns on her hands. Her toes stick out of her too small sandals and her lips are in the shape of hearts. She wants to attend Seeds Academy and live in the orphanage so that she will have time to study and have true friends.

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