Edith Dosgei Age 24


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Edith Dosgei is currently sponsored by Deanna, Z. from Sylvania, GA. Thank you Deanna.

Edith is 14 years old and is in the sixth grade. Her favorite subject in school is English and we were surprised at just how well she spoke and understood English. She has two sisters and four brothers and lives with her cousins. Her father died and she does not know where her mom is. In Edith's words, "my uncle doesn't love me." He doesn't pay for her school fees or buy her shoes or clothes and is verbally very abusive. She feels like a burden to them and is told to leave but has no where else to go. She prays that she can continue to learn and become educated so that she can help other kids who do not have parents. She has a strong desire to help others. During the interview, Hellen advises her to respect herself, and God will help you reach want you want to be. "God has chosen you . . . never pay back bad with bad." We ended the interview praying with her and telling her God has special things ahead for her.

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