Erika Jaonga Age 17


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Erika Jaonga is currently sponsored by Lindsey, Chaney & Brooks Corlew from Charleston, MO. Thank you Lindsey, Chaney & Brooks Corlew.

Erika is a talkative seven year old girl in the first grade and the sister of Sislia and Regina. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she first says a 'person', and laughs, and then explains a "sales person." In fact she already knows what she wants to sell: popcorn, sweets, sugar, and a few other things she listed off in Swahili. Her favorite food is Chipati Mandazi rice, and much later in the interview also told us she likes cake and wanted to be sure we wrote that down! This endearing little girl loves learning English in school but has had little chance to enroll in a school because of the costs. Erika says, with an attitude, that she would like the chance to go to school! She eats just one meal a day and is always hungry. This little one had an amazing spark in her eye and was completely engaging. I'm sure she could probably sell just about anything to anyone!

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