Susan Achieng Age 19


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UPDATE: Dear Susan... she's now 14 and quite the young lady. Super smart and a great student - she excels in school. She is kind and very much likes to carry on conversations with us while we are in Kitale. We love these chats with her - she asks lots of really good questions about our lives and life in the U.S. If you're looking for a pen pal Susan would make a great one, she speaks wonderful English and is a great translator as we try and talk with the little ones. She is kind and has a great sense of humor - we love this girl and we know her new sponsor will fast fall in love with her too. Are you that sponsor?

ORIGINAL STORY: Adorable Susan is ten years told and loves to learn science in school. She lives with her sister Silvia and their mother just outside the slums. She is surrounded by drunken men and constant fighting. She had a younger brother who died at a very young age. She feels very badly about her father running out on the family. Her mother works, but doesn't make enough to provide for food, clothing, and rent. Occasionally, her mother is able to telephone the father, and the father simply says that "street kids don't have fathers and are supposed to suffer." Susan sheds a few tears as she tells us about her situation. Because her mom struggles to provide them, her mom has actually threatened to just run away and leave Susan and her younger sister behind. Susan hopes to be able to live in the orphanage and begin a better life with her sister Silvia. Someday, she'd like to come to America to further her education.

Silvia Akeyo
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